Hard work is part of the fitness journey and it’s crazy to think that it isn’t.

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about how so many people online seem to portray that building a healthy body should be easy and that it doesn’t require too much hard work.

Part of me gets really angry with this because it puts out a false message to those who are at the beginning of their fitness journey. It makes so many people feel that if they are struggling and working really hard, it means that something must be wrong.

But it takes hard work, discipline and dedication to achieve amazing results in absolutely anything in life!

I feel like it’s so important to talk about this because when I realised that it’s ok to struggle, that this was going to be hard work – I finally gave myself permission to stop thinking I wasn’t doing it right by working so hard.


So in this episode, I chat about:

  • Why it might look easy and effortless for other people (but in fact no one has it all figured out!)

  • The mindset breakthrough I had when I accepted that living a healthy lifestyle was going to be really hard work (and how to have that same breakthrough)

  • My favourite tips for overcoming the struggle and pushing through to create success when it all feels like too much.

If we want to be good at anything in life, excel and create success – there’s always going to be a level of work, dedication and practice that has to go into it. 

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