RhiFIT Online Dance Fitness

Privacy Policy

 What data do we use?

  • Personal details such as names and email addresses. This is so we can contact you and to authenticate you signing in and out of our service.

  • IP address and time of site visits. This is standard practice to aid in the running of our servers in case of a fault.

  • Feedback on the site dynamics and any photos that you would be happy to share for motivational or promotional purposes. 


Third Parties

We may share limited data about your browsing patterns with select third parties including google analytics, facebook advertising. We do not store or process your payment details; payments are all through 3rd party website Paypal and Wix.


How long will your data be stored?

We will store your data until you tell us not to, in order to provide you with the best possible service.


Get in touch

If you would like to request more information about how we store your data or to have it removed from our server please contact us on