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A rebellious look at "Treating yourself"

Most of us are conditioned to "Treat" ourselves with food.

Then after our "treat" we feel guilty (so not much of a treat at all!) And then we punish our body with exercise to lose the calories we just ate.

I'm being rebellious here.

What if, instead, cultivate a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with our bodies. Treat yourself with things that will make you feel good FULL STOP. No guilt, no shame. Things to try instead: Have a bubble bath with your best bubbles, take a nap, read a good book, ring a friend, have a movie marathon, take a walk alone listening to your favourite music.

Look at food as to whether it will nourish and heal you, or hinder you. Sometimes that super delicious Mac and cheese is not the healthiest, but it's your first meeting back after lockdown with friends, and it's really going to enhance your experience. Or you've had a super difficult week and a glass of wine will just take that edge off. And instead of punishing yourself with exercise tracking every calorie burnt, find an exercise you love to do!

The difference is, we don't live every day in that negative place. We start from a base of nutrition and health, and use the unhealthy foods when they will really enhance our experience, not as a habit, not because that's what we've always done. And then we exercise because we love our body! We love what it enables us to do every day. To run after our kids, to lift the shopping in, to hug our family! By eating well and exercising we are treating ourselves with respect and love. And we all need more of that in this world 💜

What's your favourite non food treat?

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