• Rhian

WHAT WORKS FOR ME ( a busy mum of two!)

My approach to exercise is based on combining three forms of movements: Cardio, Strengthening and Toning my muscles. I wish I could work out every day, but I don't, mostly because everything else takes up so much time! It's just not realistic for most people. The reason that this approach works is that I push my body just enough, I change out the exercises so my body doesn't plateau, and alternate the types of exercise to maximize their effect.

. Pay attention to what your body needs in three ways- 💜Aerobic fitness (through Blitz and low impact cardio) 💜Strengthening (through weighted exercises and targeted workouts) 💜Toning (through stretching/sculpting/lengthening) you can figure out some shortcuts to get the body that you want, with minimal time and commitment. . Ideally you're aiming for- ✔️Workout 4/5 days for 30-60 mins (Blitz or low impact) ✔️Alternate the workouts so you work all the muscles in different ways ✔️Once a week try one long strenuous workout that includes cardio, tone and strength (super blitz and targeted workout included if you can!) .

Do you get enough Cardio/Strength/Tone in your week?

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