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4 of the BEST ways to get fit with kids in tow

I know how difficult it is to squeeze fitness in to your day when you have little ones to look after at the same time. I have two, Leo age 4, and Skye, age 2. they DO NOT want to "go off and play nicely" while I do an exercise session. why should they? it is so important for children to see you leading a healthy lifestyle. They see your food choices, they see what you choose to spend your time doing. If you find a form of exercise you love doing, that you can do with them, what a great way to lead by example! Here are my top 4 tips for including them in your exercise. why not try one today?!

1. Dance It Out

Music is good for both you and your children in so many ways. Music helps with cognitive development in children, and it relieves stress for parents. Dancing it out is a great way to get your heart rate up and to share a few laughs with your little ones. The movement will help kids explore their bodies in motion and can help you increase your heart rate, improve balance and even lose weight. So get silly , put on your favourite music and bust a move! bonus- this can also be done in any weather!

2. Get outside

This one is my absolute fave. Whatever the weather, grab those puddle suits and get outside. Whether they are in buggies or walking, find somewhere you can go for a flat walk. You could even go for a jog together if they are old enough. Even better, find a group! The kids get some fresh air and stop destroying the house for a couple of hours, and you get that dose of exercise. Plus that fresh air is such a stress buster! The kids have a nice long sleep afterwards giving you time for a hot cuppa. Bonus!

3.Go for a bike ride

Child trailers are a great option. Just like with jogging, you and your child will experience the benefits of being outdoors. When your child gets old enough to move up from the trailer, try a trailer-bike. Of course, your child can also work on riding their own bike, too.

4. Floor Exercises

You know as soon as you get in plank position, your little one will be crawling under you. That’s ok! Use your child as part of your routine, and make it fun for them to interact with you. A plank hold is now the London Bridge. See how many times they can crawl under you before London Bridge falls down. Let your child sit on your feet while you do abdominal crunches. The more they wiggle, the better your workout!

Having kids isn't the end of your workout days! The options for exercising with your children in a way that is beneficial to both of you are vast and varied. Show them how to incorporate healthy living into every day life. Fitness should always be fun, and if you introduce it to them in the right way now, you’ll likely have a lifetime partner to help you reach your fitness goals.

Have you got any tips for getting fit with kids to add?

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