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Comparison is the fastest way to feel unhappy

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Comparison is the thief of joy...and many other things. 

But before you stop reading because you think this is another another self love talk- let me share something that most people don’t say: we need comparison in our lives.

Comparison is actually a good thing when it’s used well. For example, we measure a child’s growth by comparing her height to the year before. The numbers on a scale are only useful when we compare it to previous numbers. A business evaluates its health by comparing financial numbers from quarter to quarter.

Comparison is a useful tool and measurement system -- when it is used correctly.

This where is gets difficult. When we apply it against ourselves and when we use the wrong metric for comparison.  All of us have fallen victim to an unhealthy comparison, and sometimes we don't even realise it right away.  Social media has lots of benefits, but the the quality of our life has become largely dependent on what we post online and how it compares to everyone else in our feed. It is a breeding ground for unhealthy comparison. We're constantly scrolling through images that tempt us to compare how our bodies should look, how we should eat, what clothes we should buy, how we should parent, and how clean our homes should be. It’s so easy to fall into this trap with just a minutes online.

So let’s talk about how comparison should be working for you:

Comparison should measure progress and growth- of YOURSELF. Reflect on where you’ve been, and focus on where you’re going. we must always be in forward motion.  Even if the number on the tape measure isn't moving, progress is still happening in different ways.

Here’s a pro tip: every situation produces growth, good or bad.  its how you use this to your advantage that matters.

The next time you fall into a unhealthy comparison , look at your yourself properly -- see your story. its unique and different to everyone else's. your own journey is NOT worthy of comparison to anyone else's. its the one with your name and beautiful face on it -- and remember that the only person worth comparing yourself to

You are strong You can do hard things. You have a purpose on this earth. You are the only YOU in this world. You have value. You are worthy.


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